Communique Concerning Fascist Tattoo Artist Lettia Suchevich

Torchlight has received the following communique from The Mildred Harnack Appreciation Society. We repost it here in its entirety.

This week’s City Paper featured a story on woman tattoo artists by freelance “journalist” Kat Rutt. The piece included a picture of Lettia Suchevich, a white supremacist with a swastika tattooed on her right arm, and wearing a t-shirt advertising a fascist metal band called Aggravated Assault. The backlash was immediate. City Paper was swamped with calls, emails, and social media posts, and quickly removed the story from their web site and apologized.  The Mildred Harnack Appreciation Society thanks City Paper for alerting Pittsburgh, however inadvertently, to the presence of a Nazi in our midst, and offers the following additional information in the hope that it may be useful.

Name: Lettia Meikle Suchevich

Home Address: 235 Miller St Turtle Creek PA 15145 according to Melissadata, and confirmed by the Allegheny County tax assessment site.

Husband: Warren Suchevich Meikle, lead singer of Aggravated Assault.

Tattoo Shop Address: The Painted Lady, 1055 Pittsburgh St. Springdale, Pennsylvania 15144 (via Google).

Date of Birth: 1976-08-02 via Sherdog.

Facebook About Statement: I am the mother of two awesome boys! I have done everything from driving 18-wheelers to being an undefeated MMA fighter! I run a little tattoo shop called The Painted Lady. I like nice people 🙂 I also went to Lay Ministry School so sometimes I preach at churches.

Smashwords Bio: I am a mom of two boys. We live near Pittsburgh. I have always been into art and writing. Having children has paved the way for many exciting adventures. I’m a bit of a rebel. My ability to write stories grew when I decided to home school my older son. We have our own tattoo business which allows me to work while still taking care of my kids every day. I have done everything from construction to cage fighting to cookie decorating. Tattooing is my passion. I want to make fun books that combine all my interests. We’ll see how it goes…

Notes: According to Sherdog, Suchevich is indeed an “undefeated MMA fighter” – who is a whopping 3 – 0 and hasn’t fought since 2010…