Reportback From “Community Meeting” on Mark Daniels

On entering the Kingsley Center it was immediately obvious the police were not interested in hosting a large gathering. The space provided was small, with only about 30 chairs set up. In addition they had done very little outreach to promote the meeting. Nonetheless the room filled quickly, with most of the remaining chairs getting set up and numerous latecomers standing in the back. Total attendance was close to 100.

Police present were all from Zone 5 or the major crimes unit, with no sign of chief Scott Schubert or other top brass. No one from the Allegheny County Police turned up either, a point we will return to later on. Other luminaries included state representative Ed Gainey, Brandi Fisher of the Alliance for Police Accountability, and Black Political Empowerment Project’s Tim Stevens.

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Police to Hold Community Meeting on Mark Daniels

Zone 5 police have called for a community meeting about their recent murder of Homewood resident Mark Daniels. The meeting will take place tomorrow February 15 at 6:00 PM at Kingsley Center, 6435 Frankstown Ave. Daniels’ family is asking their supporters to come and make their opinions known.